My Portfolio
Matthew Rossowiecki

Hi, my name is
Matthew Rossowiecki

I am primarily self-taught. I like to constantly learn new things in the field that interests me. Every day I develop my skills in my specialties which are video editing, camera operation and AI prompt. I love cinematography from behind the scenes. Privately, I am interested in photography, psychology, exploring new places and computer games.

In my life I am guided by the values I have formed over the years. Here they are:

  • Problem solving

My commitment to solving problems is my core value.

  • Inspiration

Inspiration is the act or power of exerting an uplifting or stimulating influence on the intellect or emotions. My goal is to inspire through creative and productive activities.

  • Ambitions

Ambition is the main factor that can take a person to the heights of self-defined success. Instead of wishing or waiting for something to happen, it is important to be proactive and have the mentality of a man of action so that you can achieve many of your intended goals.

  • Creativity

Creativity is an essential ingredient in problem solving. I believe that creativity can solve seemingly insurmountable problems. I never settle for the quickest and easiest solutions. Instead, I focus creative energy on developing a personalized plan for unique challenges and problems.


Working Process

  • Inspired by music

    The positive effect music has in our lives is understated. It can influence mind-state and motivate us to reach for the stars.
    Independent Zen

    Before starting on any project, I begin listening to music that inspires me and opens up my creativity.

  • Production

    Every production of genius must be the production of enthusiasm.
    Benjamin Disraeli

    Production is the most exciting stage, because it’s the realization of something that for a while yet was just a thought, a good idea.

  • Details

    There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details.
    Walt Disney

    Attention to detail characterizes the greatest artists. It is the process that takes the most time in the pursuit of perfection.

  • Final approvement

    Always deliver more than expected.
    Larry Page

    After handing over the project, I am richer with new experiences and new knowledge, which will make each subsequent project even closer to being perfect.


My Skills




Chat GPT
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro
DaVinci Resolve
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Audition


My Portfolio


Work in company „Andrew Moszczynski Group Sp. z o.o.”


Project manager, graphic designer and video maker

The 4 years at Andrew Moszczynski Group Sp z o.o. were very intense for me. I gained a great deal of experience. I learned to multitask, developed even more discipline and discovered the layers of my creativity and ability to deal with various challenges. As a manager of a publishing project, I was in charge of achieving goals, establishing contact with new partners from all over the world. In addition, I was in charge of editing personal development documentaries starring the biggest stars of Polish cinema, created advertising graphics, video presentations. I also edited audiobooks and podcasts as well as designed book covers. To sum up my experience:
  • Post-production of documentaries in the field of personal development.
  • AI prompt engineer
  • Post-production of audiobooks and podcasts.
  • Creating advertising graphics.
  • Creating video presentations.
  • Wordpress-based website development.
  • Designed book covers.
  • Coordination of the publishing project.
  • Develop interpersonal skills.
It was a very good 4 years of cooperation with Andrew Moszczynski Group Sp. z o.o.

Work in company „PII Polska Sp. z o.o.”



At PII Polska Sp. z o.o., I was mainly involved in:
  • Researching and verifying information needed mainly for books.
  • Occasionally, I was involved in creating graphics for various purposes (mainly advertising).
  • Contacting with partners, and dealing with minor organizational issues in the company.
This job taught me a lot of patience, discipline and organization.


This is a references of Mr Matthew Rossowiecki.


Mr Matthew Rossowieck was employed by Andrew Moszczynski Ltd from January 2019 through October 2023. He held the positions of Project Manager, AI prompt engineer, Graphic Designer and Video Maker.


His main responsibility was publishing project coordination – contact with clients, distributors, and partners. He also edited full-length documentary movies, videos and sound editing, produced advertising spots and graphics, operated video drones, and prepared audiobooks and podcasts.


During his employment, Mr Rossowiecki gained practical skills in editing full-length documentary movies and advertising spots. He worked with the following graphic, audio and video editing programs: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition and DaVinci Resolve.


Mr Rossowiecki was notable for his conscientiousness and meeting deadlines.


One of his biggest accomplishments was editing full-length documentary movies starring top Polish actors, such as Jerzy Stuhr, Danuta Stenka, and Adam Ferency. The aforementioned movies were broadcast for upper secondary students and corporations in the biggest multiplex chain in Poland, Multikino Polska Inc.


Mr Rossowiecki has proved to be an invaluable employee. I am convinced that he will be excellent in any position requiring discipline, coordination and creativity.


Andrzej Moszczyński
CEO Andrew Moszczynski Group Sp. z o.o.